At Curtis Distribution, we pride ourselves on our fully managed storage and order fulfilment service.

Exporting into the UK

If you are selling into the UK market then you need a local partner.

Whether you are just starting out or are a more experienced exporter, shipping your products here in bulk will be far more cost effective than sending out individual orders from your home country. However, you’ll need a trustworthy local partner to handle the storage, inventory management, sales order processing and the onward distribution of completed sales. You’ll also need after sales customer support to deal with queries and returns. Setting up a fully staffed office and warehouse to handle these differing processes requires a considerable investment which won’t be worth the financial risk unless you are confident of sales volumes from the outset. Outsourcing these functions to Curtis Distribution, your local office in the UK, will give you peace of mind that your stock is being taken care of, your orders are being efficiently fulfilled and that your customers are being kept happy, leaving you to concentrate on growing your business.

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Local Distribution Hub

Many companies use Curtis Distribution as their local storage and distribution hub in Sussex.

Many companies use Curtis Distribution as their local storage and distribution hub in Sussex. We provide a secure base to hold stock and samples for local sales agents to access as and when they want. Our fully trained staff are always on hand to accept deliveries, send out orders and deal with enquiries. Customers will have their own virtual warehouse at a fraction of the cost of acquiring their own premises, hiring staff and buying expensive equipment such as forklift trucks. Our customers only pay for the storage space they actually use so they can upsize or downsize at short notice and as demand dictates. This is ideal for companies selling seasonal products for just a few months of the year or for those wishing to test out a new product in the local market as they only pay for our services when they are needed. Nationwide logistics and courier companies use us as their local storage and distribution hub. Packages are delivered to us in bulk for sorting and onward delivery to the customer by local agents. By partnering with us you will achieve efficiencies and cost savings while improving customer service.

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Order Fulfilment

Using our fulfilment service offers you a low-cost alternative to other large fulfilment houses.

Large companies can be very expensive, particularly if you’re selling in small quantities. We have no minimum order volumes meaning that we’re ideal for start-ups or companies wanting to test out a new product and where sales volumes are unknown.
Our order fulfilment service is charged on a pay-as-you-use basis and is ideal for small businesses who don’t have the staff or time available to fulfill orders as soon as they come in. By using inventory management software, we keep track of your stock from the moment it arrives at our premises until it is delivered to your customer. We are the ideal solution for customers needing simple order fulfilment of lightweight, prepacked boxes.
You may already be happily using a dedicated fulfilment house to process your sales orders but are unhappy with what you are being charged for storage. Our cost-effective storage solution allows you to store your stock with us in bulk which we can then send on to your chosen fulfilment house as and when needed.

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E-Commerce Solutions

Is your business outgrowing your home? Do you want a more professional image? Do you need more staff and extra space?

A successful e-commerce business run from home will eventually outgrow your resources meaning you’ll need bigger premises and extra help. Outsourcing these functions to Curtis Distribution will allow you to continue operating from home and won’t involve you in any long-term commitments as you won’t have to take on extra staff or acquire premises. You may be juggling your e-commerce business with a full-time job. Not having to worry about sending out orders and dealing with customer queries means you can concentrate on generating sales, making you far more productive. We can offer you a manageable one stop solution by taking over your storage and order fulfilment. Simply ship your prepacked stock to us in bulk and we will send out individual orders as and when they come through. Using us can help you to transform your business’ image and achieve efficiencies without having to invest in premises or staff. Our simple pay-as-you-use charging structure means you can expand or contract as and when sales dictate, which might be particularly useful if you are running a seasonal business.

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