How it works

At Curtis Distribution, we pride ourselves on our fully managed storage and order fulfilment service.

1. Arrival

Simply arrange for your stock to be delivered to our premises and we will transfer it to your dedicated storage container(s) where it will be thoroughly checked for any signs of damage.

2. Inventory Check-In

Once we are happy that everything is in order and we have received the correct amount of stock as indicated on our documentation, we will commence our inventory check-in process. This involves your account manager inputting the goods we have received from you into our inventory management software, allowing us to keep track of what you have stored with us and to keep an eye on stock levels to ensure we always have enough to process your orders. If they’re getting low, we’ll let you know.

3. Store

Having a dedicated storage container means that all of your stock is housed together and isn’t scattered in different parts of a warehouse. All our storage space is clean and dry and is inspected regularly by our reliable staff. They also continue to check your stock for any visible signs of damage, ensuring that your products arrive at your customer’s door in the same condition as when they arrived with us.

4. Order Processing

Now that your stock is safely in storage and each product is logged on our system, we can begin to receive orders from you as and when your customers place them on your website or marketplace.

5. Order Picking

Once we receive an order from you, our small but efficient team of staff will carefully identify and select the required products, ensuring complete picking accuracy as they do so. Our inventory management software allows us to automatically print off customer delivery labels.

6. Delivery

Once your orders are ready to go, we’ll hand them over to either your preferred courier or we can select one best matched to your requirements. If we receive your orders by 2pm, we’ll dispatch them on the same day so that your customers get their items as soon as possible.

Interested in our services?

Whether you are looking for help with order fulfilment or simply require extra storage space, please get in touch.

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