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At Curtis Distribution, we pride ourselves on our fully managed storage and order fulfilment service.

Customer Service

We are here to help you every step of the way and our aim is to fit in seamlessly with your existing systems, leaving you to concentrate on product development, sales and marketing. Outsourcing the fulfilment of sales orders is a major step for your company and you need to be certain that you can rely upon your chosen partner. Unlike large fulfilment companies, we don’t have separate departments for order processing, picking, packing and dispatching to the customer. You will have your own dedicated account manager overseeing the whole process from receipt of the initial order to final dispatch to the customer. One point of contact means you will quickly be able to obtain updates on stock levels, projected storage requirements, orders delivered and returns.


Most fulfilment companies will place their customers’ goods in one large open plan warehouse but with us you will get your own storage container, meaning your stock is completely separate from other customers. We can tell you how much storage space you will need for your initial stock. This is based upon the volume of each box (length x width x height) multiplied by the number of boxes you will be sending us. Our storage rates are very competitive when compared with other order fulfilment companies because we use storage containers. Shipping containers are specifically designed not only to withstand extreme weather conditions but also come with enhanced security features that a warehouse could not offer. There is also no fire risk because they are made of metal.

Inventory Management

When a consignment of your stock is delivered to us, your account manager will always conduct an inventory check against the delivery documentation provided by the carrier. All stock will be checked to ensure accuracy of quantity and that there are no damaged items. Each item will then be individually barcoded and scanned into our inventory management software. This records every item of stock received, your customer details, the product description and the storage unit location within our premises. Stock levels are automatically adjusted when sales orders are processed, meaning you can replenish stock once a predetermined level is reached.

Processing Sales Orders

Our inventory management software allows us to automatically process your orders as and when sales occur. If you are using a web shop hosted by any of the leading e-commerce websites, then we can integrate our system with your shop and receive orders directly. This means a quicker sales process and less chance of incorrect order details being passed to us due to human error. Once we receive a sales order, a stock picking instruction will automatically be raised and stock levels will be adjusted accordingly. Because every item of your stock is uniquely barcoded, we know exactly where it is located and barcode scanning will not allow the wrong stock item to be picked.


We will already have agreed with you whether to use your own preferred courier or let us select the most appropriate, depending upon cost, product type, speed of delivery and destination. Our software can be interfaced with any major courier company, allowing us to automatically print delivery labels and product return instructions in the courier’s required format. Courier collections from our premises are also processed seamlessly. Automation of the entire delivery process dramatically reduces human error and the time between point of sale and final delivery of the order.

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